Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And the Rain, Rain Rain Came Down , Down , Down ……..

Well the last two months have flown by and we are well into 2007, Happy New Year everyone.
December was the beginning of a very busy social season in Muscat. Ours began with the Saint Andrews Ball of the Caledonian Society. A lovely night under the stars in the gardens of the Intercontinental Hotel with the men in black tie and the ladies in evening gowns. The company was enjoyable, the food was lovely, the dancing pretty much non stop and, the same could be said of the supply of wine to our glasses. Even the Royal Omani Air force Pipers turned up and paraded around in their tartan dress uniforms regaling us with a selection of memorable tunes. A very late night was achieved by both Becky and myself, although there is a 30 minute period in the early hours that I appear to have completely lost.
We chose not to attend the ‘premier’ even,t namely the British Embassy’s Crystal Ball, opting for a smaller event at the Dolphin Centre which was organised by a couple of friends, just a bit of fun and a reason to put our glad rags on one more time before Christmas.
So winter was finally upon us and the temperature had plummeted to a chilly 22 degrees, out came the jumpers and thermals and we stared longingly at the pool wishing for the day that it would be warm enough to use again. And just before Christmas we had a spot of rain!
When I say spot, I mean a large spot…

This is our 4wd driving down the road on the way home. The Pizza Hut in Qurm was waist deep in water as was most of the Qurm shopping area. An awful lot of damage was caused in a very short space of time.
So Christmas day was a family and friends affair and Jacob was a very lucky boy with all the pressies that Santa brought him. Given that his birthday was the week before, December proved top be a very lucrative month for this young man. His big successes have been a trampoline and copious amounts of play mobile……one very happy chappy.
New years was spent at a friends house with a quiz that took us through to the early hours, great fun and games with Jacob sleeping over with his best friend Taine.
So 2007, a new year and a quiet month recovering from the excesses of the previous month. Becky has now had a couple of scans and the results are that Mother and Baby are doing fine (Although morning sickness is draging on).
We eventually got to ask our questions at the British Embassy Quiz Night, a little controversy in the opening round, but I think everyone had a good time and didn’t find it too difficult. My personal favourite question was “what is Archibutriaphobia the fear of”…………………..It is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth……HONEST!!!
Christmas cards are still arriving, I would like to say a big thank you to the unknown member of one postal service who decided that Oman was in Jamaica (I’m not joking!) and some day soon Jacob might see the last of his Christmas presents arrive…….