Monday, December 12, 2005

Odds and Sods and Monster Madness


Well, it's been a few days since our last post and the weekend has been and gone, it's still odd to think as Thursday and Friday as the weekend and the first day of the working week as Saturday, but one adapts (Slowly). Not a lot happened, we took it easy, saw a few persian carpets and found out what to look for(both good and bad) We had lunch by the beach and went for a stroll along the sands afterwards. Dinner was at Kargeens, relaxed in the open air with delicious arabian foods and the most wonderful iced fresh juices. My particular favorite is lemon with mint which makes your mouth tingle, the best non alcholic fun you can have.

Now that the house sales is immenent, I have been able to think about my car. Becky has the monster Dodge Durango but I need something that will go off road for both work and pleasure. So being a typical man I have been pondering what to have, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. The 4wd's were either too big or too small. I finally found a 2004 Grand Jeep Cherokee with 20,000 on the clock which I thought fitted the bill. However, an advert in the paper caught my imagination when I thought everything was done and dusted!

HumVee Mmmmmmmmmmm !

It's the H3 and a Hummer in all but size (same size as the Jeep Cherokee) and loads of fun. So last night Becky, Jacob and I trundled down to the Hummer/Cadillac showroom to take a look at this beast. I'm in love, and so is half the office and Jacob ! It's his HumVee Tank. So today I took it out on a test drive and the salesman, Mohammed, demanded that I took it seriously off road. Down precipitous rocky slopes that scared the bejesus out of me. I was petrified by the thought of putting a rock through the pristine bodywork, but Mohammed wasn't satisfied and kept pushing me to go further. Still I made it back from the most extreme test drive of my life (sweaty palms, racing heart, Tony Blair stutter), although I think Mohammed was disappointed that we didn't go further, without damaging the car. So next step is to place an order, can't wait ! It's the perfect size to throw some air cylinders in the boot (diving) and camping gear (we'll have to get some, but it's the done thing - although Becky is demanding that we take Tempur matresses and down duvets with us !) before making our way down rocky graded roads to camp at our Wadi by the sea - it's going to be grrrrrreat !

Today Becky took some time out to go and visit the British School in Muscat. Actually it is just round the corner from where we are living at the moment so very convenient now, but less convenient when we move to our permanent residence although nothing is more than 10 minutes away from anything else here, so not exactly inconvenient. It may not be as well appointed at the ABA, but it is still very good and the children are well behaved and seem to enjoy their time there - Jacob will soon change that !!!! So we are going to register him there next week, but unfortunately he won't be able to start until next September - he's going to love it.

Becky went to the American Women's Group Christmas Brunch on Sunday morning and had a very nice time indeed - only problem being that she was sitting right next to the brass band and sleigh bells playing Christmas carols - not the best for conversation with people that you have never met before - but fun all the same.

So that's us, we'll do more photos next time, but we thought it better to try to update more regularly otherwise it takes hours at the weekend. Ta ta all

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