Monday, January 09, 2006

Ahem ......

Well we are still here - we are still computerless, but I thought if we didn't post sometime soon, you might think we had disappeared into the ether ! We are going to be sans computer for some little time to come unfortunately - it was just so the wrong time of year for it to go belly up ! We've had Christmas and New Year, which meant that Europe closed down, and now we have got Eid this week - which means everything is shut down here for the week - so hopefully we shall get our baby back at the beginning of February, but we shall see.

Christmas and new year for us were quiet. It didn't really feel like Christmas at all, we did stocking and presents and Jacob was very excited by the whole Santa thing, but once it was over and done with - I was just desperate to get the tree down and get back to normal, which just isn't like me at all - last year, James had to wrestle past me to get those decorations down ! Next year I think a trip home will be required, it just isn't the same when it's hot - you need that beautiful English drizzle to complete the Christmas scene and - oh yes, family ! We did spend a very nice Christmas day at a friend's house having a rather huge and quite lovely meal - there were three other boys there, so Jacob had a fabulous time running wild until well gone 9.00pm ! Still things just seem to run on later here and he often goes to bed after 8.00pm, which I would never have allowed in England, still he sleeps in the day from 2.00pm until 4.30 - 5.00pm and if we didn't go out in the evening we wouldn't do anything since most things don't open until quite late in the morning and then close for an extended lunch - it's all a bit strange !

For New Year, we did - well nothing at all, stayed at home and chilled - watched DVD's and went to bed - not even a sop of champers was imbibed - very bah humbug - but there it goes.

We are all doing very well - Jacob is on holiday at the moment from nursery, so our days are very relaxed. This week as I said, if officially a holiday, but since James's family are coming out for two weeks from Thursday, he is going into office in the morning to get some of his work out of the way so that he can take some time off over the coming weeks - it's rather nice though, as he came home for lunch today and then I was free to go out the old internet cafe to chat with all you nice people !

Well, I'm afraid I can't upload any pictures, so this as far as I can go. I am sure once we get our pooter back I'll do a massive post of all our various activities. In the mean time, take care one and all and John - I expect James will be receiving his share of your win the post hey !? afterall all those months of answers that he provided you with, must have rubbed off ! Come on cough up !


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you..Was starting to worry for you having no PC for such a long know what we are like without them!!Ive not e-mailed you as you have no PC but dont have that much to report in, but could also babble on about things!! Look forward to chatting to you soon via e-mail..hope Jacob enjoyed his birthday. Loads of Love Katharine (& Jack)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Becky, James and Jacob. Hope you are reunited with your computer soon. I think this is the w/e that Camilla and Nic go online. Hope the family all arrived safe and well - I have just raised a glass for Ernie's birthday. On Friday I go to Boston with my friend Anne for a week. Happy birtday to Sebastian. Lots of love Ellen (&David)

Anonymous said...

HELLO from a very grey stevenage. i hate to seem impatient but what happend to january and february!!!
still in oman aftershock, seb is still on daily countdown, we can't wait to come back out (sorry!). ella's birthday tomorrow so tea party and plenty of e numbers (followed by trampoline to wear little people out and plenty of G&T for the bigger ones, that us just incase your worried). speak soon and lots of love from all us evan's x x x x