Monday, April 24, 2006

I think I failed .......

...... in my mission to make sure that there wasn't such a large gap between posts this time - sorry about that - but there is a very good reason. As many of you already know we are expect a new addition to our family, not until October, but boy have I been feeling bad.

The morning sickness this time has been much worse than it was with Jacob - does this mean we could be having a girl !!?? On top of that I have had tonsillitus, not once but twice in three weeks and had to have two doses of antibiotics - I am told they are safe, but we shall have to wait and see I suppose. I have all in all been feeling dreadful and been doing not much more than laying on the sofa drinking as much water as possible and trying to be enthusiastic when Jacob asks me to come and jump over things - poor Jacob he has just had his Easter holidays and I was sick for pretty much all of it. On the plus side for the first week of his holiday my Ma and Pa were here and we had a really lovely time. It was so nice to see them and we had such a lovely relaxed week it was smashing - just a shame that I got sick half way through it - still I soldiered on and I think they had a lovely time too. It was most sad to see them go. I have a lovely picture of Jacob jumping off a sandcastle when we went to the beach, but it's on the other computer and I can't be fussed with transferring it over at the moment - I'll post it soon.

So in all honesty we have not been up to much at all just recently - we have joined a club where we can go swimming which is lovely, but I can't go at the moment because the Dr had ordered me to stay away from swimming pools and to get as much rest as possible, which does not include going swimming - I have to wait for my immune system to build itself up again after it has been knocked for six by all those antibiotics - they really did take it out of me - I have to say that today is the first day that I have felt half way human for quite a while - it's nice and I hope it lasts. I am nearly 15 weeks pregnant now and I remember with Jacob that from 16 weeks I started to feel good rather than pooish ! So I'm holding onto that dream and hoping against hope that within the next week or so, feeling good is the norm rather than the exception. I think I have forgotten what it feels like to wake up and not feel sick, and to be able to brush my teeth without gagging - ah how I long for the simple life.

Jacob is doing well - he is now in his last term at his nursery, he starts at the British school in September and we are going for an open day there in May - when we have to order his uniform ! I can't wait for him to start - I think he's going to have a fab time - however I am not looking forward to having to get him to school by 7.30am ! At the moment at nursery we have little wiggle room - they are supposed to be there by 7.45 but as long as they are there by about 8.15 no-one makes a fuss - I can tell you just recently 8.15 has been more than a push - so I am not quite sure how we are going to manage 7.30am when I'm going to be heavily pregnant ! Perhaps I could recruit James to this important mission - what do you think ? will he co-operate ?!

I have a few photos for your consideration - I think this blog has been photoless for long enough and now that we have our proper pooter up and running I can at least do photos, although our camera died last week and James had to go and get a new one - it's great, really small and Jacob loves using it - we are getting lots of pictures of the telly appearing on the camera !!!

The first phot is of Jacob at Easter. Jacob like Easter ! he is, sadly like his mother a chocolholic and he was most delighted to be able to eat chocolate all day without being refused ! He wishes it was Easter every day !

The second photo is from when we went to Sefa beach at the weekend - Friday to most other people ! We had a lovely time - the weather wasn't too hot only about 36 - 37 degrees and we had a really relaxing time - the sea was the best I have ever seen it, clear blue and beautiful - it really was lovely - we went with some friends and their two little girls and by the end of the day the all ended up swimming naked in the sea - they loved it - Jacob said it "felt funny". Jacob had been diving on Thursday - not the most successful dive he's ever had, but as he says all experience - so he had a busy weekend - Sefa is about an hours drive from our house, but it gives James a great excuse to drive his Hummer on the beach !

The last photo is of Jacob on the phone last night to Nu Nu - he was eating his dinner at the time - sausages, mash and baked beans yummy - I treated us to pork cumberland sausages and they were gorgeous.

So if I'm feeling better for a while I'll hopefully be able to post more now ! I hope anyway . Ta ta all


Anonymous said...

Glad your finally feeling a little brighter - at least the tonsillitis has finally disappeared. You could be right about the sickness meaning it's a girl - I was a lot sicker with Ruth than I was with Adam. Are you going to "look"? (Do you get a 20 week scan out there?)

I love the pictures of Jacob - clearly a boy who loves his chocolate!

I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you that 16 weeks is the end of the nausea.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Lovely to see you again :o)
Sorry you've been feeling rotten, it's nearly over though and soon you'll be running around all over the place until you're too huge to move! Tee hee!!
Lots of love,
Ps: If I don't get any contact details soon you're coming straight off my Christmas card list! Let that be a warning to you young lady - Oh yes!!

Anonymous said...

what fantastic news to read after checking the site for news!!! CONGRATS! Im on the home straight now...4 weeks to go! AHHH. I do hope you feel cheerer soon. Take it easy & jack loved seeing jacob on the web site Katharine XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Beck, I obviously haven't logged on for months....fantastic news, may be you have even have a new arrival by now? No news here yet, I'm affraid. It sounds like you are having a lovely time. Let me have your address and tel no. so we can send a Christmas card.

Lots of love
Nicki E