Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wowzer Wowzer - lookey here

Well it was like this - a few days ago we happened to be a in a little diving shop we know and whilst James was looking for some strangely named piece of vital plastic equipment I noticed that they had a camera housing for underwater photography at a bargain price. So anyway we had a look and it turns out that the bargain price included the camera as well - not only that but as soon as we expressed an interest in it the shop owner dropped the price by 30OR - so anyway - we've now got an underwater camera and it's fab.

So then the other day whilst I was laying languishing on the sofa - oh yes - I've got yet another throat infection - James took Jacob to the pool and they had some fun with the camera. They took some really great photos and I thought I'd try to share a few of them with you.

Aren't they great - so you can expect multitudonous photos of fish from now on ! Nah - we won't bore you to tears with too much of that !

So this sore throat has been a real bummer I have to say. I went to see the Dr and she gave me a prescription for anti-biotics but suggest that I tried to manage it without - which I have been doing, very painfully - I think it is getting better but it has been a long hard road. It's a real shame that James has had two weeks off and I have been poorly for most of it - on the plus side he has been able to spend lots of time with Jacob and they have been having some fun - they've been swimming quite a bit, driving over the sand dunes - which Jacob loved and preparing for my Birthday which is tomorrow ! Jacob is not very good at keeping a secret so I have had to shut my ears a couple of times - still he can spill all the beans tomorrow and he can't wait. We are off to the Sultan centre this afternoon to get some seed trays so that I can plant the seeds that I got in the UK - I'm going to try and grow basil, rosemary and lavender - we shall see how it goes. I'm dying to get our garden looking nice - it's such a prison yard at the moment I need to get on with it - just got to kick this blasted sore throat first.

We are off out to dinner at Kargeens tomorrow night, which I'm looking forward to and we are also going to try and go and see Pirates of the Caribean 2 one evening and we are going to try and do a day trip to Tiwi, which is a lovely Wadi and should be a great day out. We had hoped to do a bit more exploring these two weeks, but that has had to be knocked on the head since I have been barely able to get out of bed. Poor James - I seem to have been nothing but sick this year !

Ta ta all


Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous photos - I esp love the last one.

Poor you - another miserable sore throat :-( I hope you're right and that the worst of it is over.

Look after yourself.

Anonymous said...

fab photo's-i love a good photo!! Look forward to seeing more! Regards Katharine & Jack

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky

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My email is adrian@amonti.freeserve.co.uk

All the best


Anonymous said...

really enjoyed reading your diary what a gorgeous little boy you have!
I am moving out to Muscat in three weeks and am frantically researching on what life will be like maybe you could give be some advice i am 25yrs of age coming from Manchester UK and would like to know if I should have any concerns of how i will be received by the Omani people men especially. I have little knowledge of the religion and from what i can gather i will have to cover up whilst in public can you please tell me how strict they are about this and if i will receive any unwelcoming comments from people. can you also advise me on the cost of living i.e. food,personal goods, mobile phones.
I would really appreciate your help and any advice you can give me about Muscat many thanks Helen