Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Linux Rocks!

I'm going to be a little geeky here, which Becky will groan about, but the reason I haven't updated the blog earlier this week was partly down to computer problems. Our home laptop decided throw a windows wobbly and I decided that it was high time to give Linux another try. So I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu – Intrepid Ibex, burnt an installation cd, stuck it in the drive and hoped for the best.
Now the laptop is a HP Pavilion 2521ee which came with Vista, (yuck!!!) so I had previously wiped that rubbish off and installed XP. HP being the caring company that they are made it nigh on impossible to achieve this simple goal, actively discouraging it so it took a fair amount of effort to sort it out first time around. As a result I wasn't expecting much from the Linux install as previous experiments had failed.
Imagine my surprise when everything worked first time...................

Linux Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Windows SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If anyone is thinking of ditching Windows I strongly recommend the Ubuntu version of Linux, and the really good part of it all is that it is FREE including stacks of applications such as Open Office.


PS. I have just had windows reinstalled on my works computer as it had picked up a virus, something Linux users don't need to worry about :-)

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THK said...

Yeah... Linux rocks!

Actually, Ubuntu is not so geeky and it's really suitable for average users. I am also using Ubuntu (my PC has Windows XP and Ubuntu installed) not only for internet surfacing, document writing, but also for coding as well as other works.

Thank all the people create such a wonderful thing.