Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something for the weekend, Sir?

Now I'll appologise straight off for the poor photo quality, but but it was hastily taken with a camera phone.
Oman Oil seem to have a Ying and Yang thing going with men's aftershave at the moment......

I'd love to see the marketing for these products, it must be hilarious. I'm thinking maybe something with a 70's theme, big hair, big flares and bad taste!


Expat Mummy said...

They were selling Sex Appeal in Lulu's, you have to read the "instructions" for use on the back in order to get the full comedy value.

It is a regular birthday gift for any single men!!!

Anonymous said...

James ,have just caught up with your blog and it was great to get some idea of your work site. Is it posiable to visit when we come out?
Where were you when you photographed your friends flight in the desert? you seemed to be a long way away .