Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Casting my mind back to last December, we decided to return back to Blighty for two weeks over the Christmas period. This gave us the opportunity to introduce Oscar to family and friends, get him Christened and celebrate Christmas the way it should be... with our nearest and dearest. Our packing somewhat exceeded the airlines luggage allowance, but no one batted an eyelid so off we went to Abu Dabi and then on to London Heathrow on Etihad (througherly reccomended airline). The boys were excellent and coped really well with the journey, although we were all taken aback at the temperature (or lack of) when we arrived. Thick frost in the middle of the day, the temperature had plummeted overnight and the car struggled with warming us all up.
With only two weeks to fit so much in and see so many people we felt a little like refugees, but it was good for me to see home after nearly two and a half years abroad.
Added to this was my mother's Christmas treat for the grandchildren, a trip to Lap Land to see Father Christmas! An early start to Gatwick Airport and a flight into the Artic Circle ensued, shortly after our arrival at midday the sun set and it was night. as you can see Jacob was a dab hand on the skidoo, as well as husky mushing and reindeer driving and, too top it off they got to spend some quality time with Santa. What an experience!!!

Back in the UK, Oscar was the main topic of conversation, and we had a lovely Christening at St Mary's church in West Malling, where we were married and Jacob Christened all by Canon Brian Stevenson!

Christmas day was with my family at Scott House, and my mother had insisted (rightly so) that we spend it in the Ballroom (for those that don't know it is an upstairs sitting room with an open log fire and the name stems from an old family joke) as it would be the last year that this would be possible (Due to a conversion of the house in to two apartments).

So the last thirty seven years of Christmas day in that room were completed with Oscar's first, somewhat fitting I think.
The time flew past, what with Jacob's fifth birthday and then Christmas and then on Boxing day (which we had spent with Becky's family) it was suggested that we go for a walk along the river bank in Richmond. A beautiful crisp winters day with a sit down for a cup of tea before returning to the cars. Unfortunately, the day was not destined to end well as someone further up the river opened up the flood gates and left our cars knee deep in water. I still look back at my father's car being lifted on to the back of a tow truck, water cascading from within, with a sickening and sinking feeling. I still cannot believe that we lost three cars to flooding in one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following day we were back to the airport leaving our families to deal with the mess, how guilty did I feel.
Whilst it was lovely to see our families and friends over such a special time of year and a wrench to tear ourselves away, we left in shock at the cost of living and relieved that we had the opportunity to live the life we do.


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