Saturday, October 18, 2008

Winter’s on its Way…..Whoopeee!!!!!

Now most of us in the Northern Hemisphere look upon the passing of Summer and the coming of winter with dread. In Oman, closer to the equator, the opposite is true, the cooler weather means we get to go out so much more and as a result we stumbled upon this little gem (Oi!!! Not so much of the little thank you very much)

As part of Muscat Municipality's initiative to improve play facilities for children in Oman, Assarain Concrete Products (ACP) commissioned mega state-of-the-art, high quality HAGS play equipment at Qurum Natural Park and Al Sahwa Park.
Given that play facilities were pretty much non existent (or poorly designed for the environment which we live in) this is a monumental leap forward for Oman. I would like to say a really big THANK YOU to whoever it was that made this happen.
It is sad to think that such facilities would not be available in the UK, if a local council saw fit to spend money in the first place, it would be vandalized within days, occupied by underage smokers/drinkers/drug addicts, and at the first wiff of a potential accident subject to spurious law suits due to the no win no fee vultures in the legal profession.
Fortunately, we in Oman hopefully live in gentler times and I pray that this country does not suffer a similar fate as that of the UK.
It was wonderful to be out in the open air and see the boys play, and they had a whale of a time exhausting all their energies just having fun.
Oscar is doing his best to catch up with Jacob and appears to have no fear……

If you look carefully, you’ll realize that our friend Chris is not supporting Oscar at all, he was actually pulling himself up on the bar!!! Not bad for a fifteen month old toddler.

Considering that, just over a year ago the park was totally destroyed by Cyclone Gonu, a lot of hard work has been put into rebuilding it. Now all we need is an indoor version for those hot summer months……any offers???


Ridley4 said...

Sooo pleased that you updated the blog and so much has happened! Oscar seems so grown up, not the baby he was back in April! How exciting for Jacob to be at a new school and well deserved diamonds for Becky!
Hope the plans for next years party are going ahead let us know dates!Love The Ridley4

Raúl said...

m gusta mucho tu blog lo visito a diario visita el mi y si t gusta deja un comentario y nos enlazamos los blogs

James said...

I hope that the blog will be a little more regular now that I have taken over. Thanks for posting, it's nice to see evidence that people are reading what I type.