Saturday, November 26, 2005

Anchors Aweigh

Well I suppose it's time I stopped the wife from gabbing and say something myself as this is a joint venture. I arrived 10 weeks before Becky and Jacob when the weather was hotter and there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky, not that there is now ! Being suddenly a single man again, I was able to enjoy the finer things in life, like drinking beer in the rugby club, burping and other interesting bodily functions.

Still I did all the research and found out what to do, where to go, what to buy and generally everything (Becky is unsure and rather surprised to hear this). As is normal with men, my first priority was to get a car, and like a little boy in a toy shop I went for the biggest and baddest car around, well within my budget ! So, I bought Becky a Dodge Durango, seven seater four wheel drive, with a 5.7 ltr V8 engine, because she wanted something a little bigger than her Citroen C3 !

As my Dad would say it has all the fruit and then some, depending on which key you use the seats, mirrors, foot pedals, air conditioning and radio will automatically adjust to the drivers personal setting, now that's fun - all we have to do now is work out how to make it go !

My bit of fun is scuba diving, of which there is plenty as Oman is one long beach. I joined up with the local BSAC club in Muscat, a fine group of reprobates, and any chance I get I'm in the water with a cylinder of air on my back. There is plenty to see underwater, from turtles, to dolphins, moray eels, rays, and sharks, to the more sedate fish life. Still I got attitude off a couple of clown fish last week, so much for a friendly Nemo !

So Becky and Jacob have now arrived, Jacob vomitting and pooing, and Becky unable to speak (is that a good thing ?!) due to a very sore throat - a very bad thing. But it's wonderful to be a family again and I wouldn't change it for the world. We are all looking forward to our new life together in Muscat and having as much fun as possible.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to keep in touch! Looking forward to many more postings. xxx

Anonymous said...

delighted to get some smith news at last. Look forward to much much more. Good to know that somewhere it is watrm. Martin

Anonymous said...

nice to be here.... thanks for share