Monday, November 28, 2005

Tonsil Torture

Well, I have been away from the blog for a few days because I have been proper poorly. It started as a bit of a sore throat that grew and grew until I could barely breath through my mouth. I haven't had a throat that bad since I can't remember when. I couldn't sleep because I couldn't swallow and the final straw was when I found myself sitting on the sofa at 3.30am wishing it was morning so that I could get up, drinking lemsip and then dozing off sitting upright because it was more comfortable than laying down. So long story short James managed to get me to the hospital to see the family Dr and she was very nice indeed. She told me that cases as severe as mine were very rarely seen in adults and then asked me if I would like my tonsils whipped out - aghhh - I said or croaked - no thank you ! She then offered me a injection for the pain - for those of you that don't know - injections and I are not the best of friends so I declined figuring that I was suffering enough trauma already. She gave me a prescription for some strong anti-biotics, which I have been taking for two days now and some little triangular pills that are super anti-inflamatory's and have made me feel a whole lot better.

So now I am on the road to recovery and so pleased to be able to say that - it felt like it was never going to go away, but hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to normal. I have to go back to see the lovely Dr on Thursday, presumably so that she can try to persuade me again to have them out - I hope I can find my way back to the hospital I was in a bit of a fug when we did the journey last time. Oh, it was quite expensive this Dr business. It cost OR12 to see the DR and then OR20 to buy the drugs. (that's £18 to see the Dr and £30 to buy the drugs). James has informed Jacob and I that we are not allowed to get sick more than once a month !

So I am currently on a quest to find Jacob a nursery. I have visited two so far and neither are perfect - both have good points, one is a Montessori nursery and has lots of student, but seems a little austere, the other looks more fun, but doesn't seem to have that many students, so is a little quiet. I'm going to go back and visit the more fun nursery again tomorrow and see if the lack of students was a one off. There are lots of nurseries here, but these were recommended by the British School as where most of their students come from. I would really like to get Jacob started at nursery next week so that we've got a little time to get him settled in before the Christmas holidays start which is around 20 December - the next term then doesn't start until around 14 January - so if I have to wait until then to get him in nursery, he's going to find the transition very hard. Anyway - we shall see - I'll get him in somewhere next week - it's difficult when you don't know people to ask - I guess we could always move him next term if we find somewhere better - that's doable.

As I have been sick I haven't been able to take any photos - mainly because I haven't been anywhere other than the living room and the kitchen. I do have one photo for you though - it' the label on the bottle of Ribena in our kitchen - it made me smile and I thought it might you too.


Becky said...

Hey Kahlclan - what do you mean "resorted to being a blogger" there is nothing wrong with us blog addicts - she says as she sits bleary eyed at the laptop at 12.30am dreading the moment when James will take the laptop to work tomorrow - oh - I hate being without computer all day long - I'm too too sad ! I've mailed you - hope you've got it by now !

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky - sorry to hear you've been feeling so rough - glad to hear you're feeling over the worst now.

Good luck with the nursery hunt!