Sunday, December 04, 2005

Well Wadi Y'Know

This weekend has been a national holiday, which has meant that we have had three and a half whole days together, which has been lovely.

Thursday afternoon and Friday were quite quiet, we just took it easy and chilled a bit, apart from a rather amusing trip to Carrefour, where there was much queue barging to be seen, we managed to perform adquate blocking manouveres to prevent any taking place in front of us, but the whole experience smacked of desperation shopping on Christmas eve - take no prisoners ! Oh and we managed to get our little emergency Christmas tree, so we were happy.

Then on Friday afternoon, James' boss called to invite us out to dinner. The local Mexican restaurant hosted 6 adults and 4 children for a very enjoyable evening. Jacob got to dance and play to the dulcet tones of a Phillipino cover band and I managed to meet a couple of other lovely ladies to talk to and get the skinny on Muscat - which all in all seems to be a good place to be. From there we were invited to join in an expedition taking place the next day.

The next morning was a mad dash to find a cool box and some food and drink to go in it, before piling into our monstermobile and hairing it over to the rendevous at a previously undisclosed location. All in all we ended up with a convoy of four 4x4's driving two and a half hours into the interior. When we left the tarmac the fun really began. At times it was quite nerve wracking looking over the edge and seeing the sheer drop down, but we managed to stay on the road even whilst driving down what sometimes felt like vertical slopes. Still we made it and had a good explore of the Wadi, which was quite lush, but the river quite dry.

On the way back we stopped to see some rock art dating back 1,500 years and then on to the pic-nic. This was not as easy as it might sound as finding a suitable spot was tricky. The first choice had to be abandoned due to the overwhelming stench of a dead goat that no-one noticed while we were setting up. We hastily beat a retreat and found a less smelly second site, where we had a very nice and relaxing pic-nic, we were all so dirty and dusty by that stage, it really didn't matter that Jacob got covered in chocolate !

We took a detour on the way back to town to Al Sawadi beach, where we parked up and all played football on the sand, with the help of car headlights to light our game as the sun had already set. We then headed off to a local hotel to try to have a beer, but they were hosting a dinner and dance and we felt rather out of place as everyone arrived in their Sunday best and we were still in our dusty exploring gear. We abandoned that idea and decided to head back to Martin's house for a beer and a Pizza. A good time was had by all and Jacob didn't get to bed until 10.30pm, those nights just keep on getting later and later !

Today we slept in until 9.00am and then decided to head off to the Oman Dive Centre, which is a small, but perfectly formed beach, with clear blue sea and lovely sand. James and Jacob went off for a little canoe trip, whilst I had a swim and a relax on a sun lounger, soaking up the rays. We had a spot of lunch, which was nice, apart from the flies, and then we played a little in the sand and went out in the water.

Jacob was a bit tired, so we decided to come home and have a bit of a relax. He's watching Robots as we speak - or rather type and lounging on the sofa cushions that he has layed out on the floor.

Tomorrow it's back to normal, Jacob's off to nursery and James is off to work and I've got a moutain of ironing to do - so nothing changes.


Anonymous said...

I can not believe that we were on that beach with you guys less than a week ago. Say hello to Nemo and Marlin for us. Only another 361 days to go until we can enjoy it with you again. Seb is literally counting everyone of them. Big kisses from the Evans'clan xxxx

Anonymous said...

argh mountain of ironing! what are you like woman, the only time in life that you can get someone to do it for you. GET A MAID. Don't for 1 minute think of it as slave labour. Fact is, you are employing a lovely woman who is sending money home, in order to keep her impoverished children alive in the Philipines.

Anonymous said...

oh lordy if that all sounds a little harsh, it's the fact that I am back here in Oz, alone.

I can promise you this, after watching the Commonwealth games, none of the competitors would be able to jump my sodding pile of ironing. Perleez, help me someone!!!!

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